• Children of the Storm

    Richard Lyons brings his creative talents to an exploration of some of the most vexing and profound questions about war in this imaginative series of epic poems.
  • But by the Chance of War

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    Richard Lyons brings his creative talents to an exploration of some of the most vexing and profound questions about war in this imaginative series of epic poems.
  • Shadows of the Acropolis

    As it was with the democracy of ancient Athens, America’s democracy has, over time, been subject to change, proving democracy is as fragile as it is rare.
  • The DNA of Democracy

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    An American Poet takes a novel look at Democracy through a series of essays in “The DNA of Democracy.” These essays are works of discovery and celebration concerning the rare, the life giving, and the fragile quality of American democracy.

Richard C. Lyons

Richard Lyons was born and raised in the mid-western United States. His education took him through Loyola Academy, the University of North Texas and a graduate career at Southern Methodist University. Lyons has been a life-long admirer of the written word which has led him to literary pursuits as a poet, essayist and screenwriter. Professionally, Lyons is a third generation printer, whose father dedicated his life to education in the publishing and telecommunication fields. Lyons has been involved in printing, publishing, stage and television production throughout his professional career.

  • Francesco

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    The life of Francesco told in dramatic form to enlighten and inspire persons throughout the world was first envisioned by Francesco’s creator Richard C. Leach who sought to bring the story of Francesco to life for all audiences via the musical art form.


There once was a day a Druid priest, Cathbad by name, prophesied a girl would be born to the lord of Faelain, and her power would produce a new morn in a peaceful Ireland or the discord of a direful storm!

Cathbad warned Ireland’s rival lords to serve the girl as required, or the isle would be divided evermore, and those the girl loved most… devoured in fire.

At Dierdre’s birth, a regional king, Connor, battled to take the girl from her father, to secure her power. But a promise was made: that Dierdre with her father might remain, and then she would marry Connor, when she came of age.

As years passed, Faelain desired to own Dierdre’s power for himself, that he might reign, so the promise to Connor was broken, and the isle set aflame…

So the story begins…